Catherine Watt

In loving memory...

6 September 1967 - 6 September 1999

The injustice of this whole thing rips at my heart. She spent most of her life looking for herself... one could literally say that she looked under quite a few rocks.

Just when she started figuring out who she was, the cancer came along.
- Steve

Who was Cayte?

Here is the home page she created.

And here is a slightly earlier version.

The world premier of A Silver, Shining Strand, a composition for orchestra featuring some of her poetry, was presented by the Diablo Symphony Orchestra on November 11, 2001 at the Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Performing Arts, Walnut Creek, CA. The concert was conducted by Joyce Johnson-Hamilton, who read Cayte's poems at the concert. The music was composed by Nancy Bloomer Deussen.