Welcome to Primitive Modern!

Welcome to my imagination! I create one-of-a-kind jewelry, custom-designed to match an outfit, a mood, or just because. I work in many mediums - semi-precious stone, playful ceramics, sophisticated glass. And a few that are more exotic, such as my carved fossil walrus ivory medallions (very "PC," since, I am told, this kind of material comes from animals that have been frozen in the ice for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years!)

Each item is totally unique, since I work with materials from nature, or specifically designed NOT to be mass-produced looking. Some look straight out of an African jungle, while others might have elements from a Mexican mercado or an Indian bazaar. But, since pictures can tell you more that I ever could, take a look!

And have fun!

- Cayte

If you're interested in my web page and graphic design services, take a look at this page of pointers.

Explore The Big Picture to view a variety of works I've created.

Here's some things I do for fun (for the moment?). Welcome to the Gallery....

Here's a sample of one of the Unusual Natural Media I've tried...

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