Catherine Watt

a.k.a. Cayte, Cathi, Cathy, Cat, Cate, and a few other names...

This is really a tough question; nobody had the full picture, although each of us thought we knew her quite well. She was a prolific painter, photographer, and poet. She made jewlery (as can be seen on her last web site) and did web design. She had a deep interest in Geology, and had started work towards getting some manner of certifcate in Geology. She was a licensed amateur radio operator, KD6LSP. She always had some kind of music in her life, either singing (she was in the state honor choir in high school), playing bass guitar, or just listening.

Listening, she liked almost all kinds of music. The description she used was "from Bach to rock". She especially liked all manner of jazz, and had quite an extensive collection of jazz recordings. Her favorite rock group was Rush, and her favorite album was "Permanent Waves".

There's a song on that disc that describes how we've all felt, as we go through her belongings and share what we know of her life. It's off of Permanent Waves, and the song is entitled "Entre Nous":

Entre Nous

We are secrets to each other
Each one's life a novel
No-one else has read.
Even joined in bonds of love,
We're linked to one another
By such slender threads.

We are planets to each other,
Drifting in our orbits
To a brief eclipse.
Each of us a world apart,
Alone and yet together,
Like two passing ships.

Just between us,
I think it's time for us to recognize
The differences we sometimes fear to show.
Just between us,
I think it's time for us to realize
The spaces in between
Leave room for you and I to grow.

We are strangers to each other,
Full of sliding panels,
An illusion show.
Acting well-rehearsed routines
Or playing from the heart?
It's hard for one to know.


We are islands to each other,
Building hopeful bridges
On a troubled sea.
Some are burned or swept away,
Some we would not choose,
But we're not always free.