Visual Play

Another of my hobbies is photography, and I've always tried to give an edge of surrealism to certain mundane subjects. A good friend introduced me to the concept of scanning my images and modifying them in some photo-editing software, and, suffice to say, my photos just haven't been the same since! (Images are large, but not unbearable on an average 386-16. View in leisure


This one is a sort of tribute to our devoted family pet cat, who departed this world last year.

Freesias in Bloom

I garden to maintain my sanity, and it creeps in to my work sometimes.

A Window

Not like any window I've ever seen! This one was created exclusively from the photo-editing software and some accompanying utilities. No photograph was the basis. A vivid nightmare, maybe?

The Third Stone

Another image created from inside the computer. I concluded when it was finished, that it really looked like something I'd seen before. Yet another artist's concept of our own little part of the solar system.

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